Monday, March 4, 2013

So! Excited! To just go out and ruuuuuun.

Peanut Leap Cascade at Palisades Interstate Park. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Workout Types(s): Trails and strength training (a.k.a. lifting heavy garbage bags)
Miles: 9+
Where: Palisades Interstate Park
Notes: Good times.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Workout Types(s): Road running
Miles: 8+
Where: Central Park
Notes: My Morton's Neuroma hit by mile 6 and it was unpleasant, but I was pleased because it normally starts by mile 4 when I train on roads.

Training notes:

Alrighty, I am back in business and am re-entering Training Beast Mode.  As of this weekend, I am officially done with the winter ills and am so (!) excited(!) to go out and just ruuuuun.  


My run on Saturday morning was glorious.  Besides crashing a couple of times (I was a bit overeager in hurtling down a hill), I felt really in tune in my body and managed to find this wonderful rhythm with my legs and feet that made me feel like I could run forever.

If you want an intense workout, going up and down these cliffs is a seriously good time.

Trail connecting the Shore Trail to the Long Path.

Sadly, I had to cut my training short as I had plans to volunteer with a local trail organization doing post-Hurricane Sandy clean up.  One of the requirements for Western States 100, Vermont 100, and Wasatch 100 is to volunteer at least eight hours either at an ultramarathon or with a trail volunteer group.  Eight hours is a pretty small time commitment, but I think the race directors' objective is to encourage ultrarunners who have never volunteered before to start because once you do, it is really difficult not to want to volunteer again.  When you volunteer at a race, you really appreciate the work involved in making sure the race is a success; when you do volunteer trail work, you realize how much effort is necessary in maintaining the paths we love.  Also, it's fun!  I always meet the most interesting people and I always learn something new, running and/or general life-wise.

Getting instructions from Palisades Interstate Park trail supervisor Christina Fehre.

This past weekend, I was fortunate to volunteer with an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps team who came all the way from Ohio to help out with post-Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  We worked with Palisades Interstate Park trail supervisor Christina Fehre to help clean up the debris washed up along the Shore Trail.

Garbage ready to be shipped out.

And there was quite a lot of it.  I personally collected two large garbage bags completely filled with mostly plastic bottles of all types.  Other items collected were tires, barrels, styrofoam, insulation, plastic bags . . . it made me sad to see so much trash along the trail, but I was really glad something was being done about it. 

Lugging along a garbage bag along this rock scramble was entertaining.

We found some makeshift swings.  We weren't sure if they were sturdy, but they looked so inviting! 

We were scheduled to work for only four hours on Saturday, but there will be future volunteer trips as the weather gets nicer.  Next weekend I am supposed to volunteer with the Bearclaw group at Longpond Ironworks State Park, but since I want to do some major mileage this week, my plans are still tentative.


Sunday's run was uneventful.  I ran the Central Park loop and reservoir loop and saw a few folks along the way, including Rick Thiounn and his fiancee, Lauren Healy as well as Stephen England, another Western States-bound runner.  My Morton's neuroma on my right foot started to act up by mile 6, but it wasn't nearly as excruciating as before and so I was able to finish my run.  I think my regimen of acupuncture/serrapeptase/physical therapy/change in footwear is working.  That being said, I am still visiting a podiatrist later today because it never hurts to get another opinion. 

Alrighty, so this week should be a blast.  Lots of climbing, lots of running, and lots of strength training.  I can't wait!

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