Friday, January 11, 2013

So here is my blog, it exists!

Beginnings are so difficult, but here goes:

I am starting an ultrarunning journal.  Actually, that's not quite right.  I already have a running journal, but it consists mostly of quantitative data.  A typical entry would read, "I ran 10 miles today.  One toe nail fell off."  Pretty dry reading, if you ask me.  I have decided that now that I am going public, I will be a bit more descriptive, not just because it makes for more entertaining reading, but so that I can get better feedback on whether my training is working or not.  

Normally I don't give a hoot about my training as my normal training modus operandi has been just to go out and run a lot and see what happens.  But this needs to change.  The real reason I am going public with my blog is because for the first time in my ultramarathon career (all three years of it, I am still a total newbie), I have tackled on a project that I think may be a wee bit much and will require not just a lot of training, but quality training.  

I am going for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, kids.  That's right, I am making the valiant attempt of running Western States, Vermont, Leadville, and Wasatch, all in one summer.  It is either going to be epic and awesome, or just . . . I don't even want to think about it.  Admittedly, while my head is still a bit dizzy thinking about all those races, I have never felt more serene and focused.  This is what ultrarunning is all about - stretching your absolute limits.  And then stretching them some more.

I probably should have posted my first official entry on January 1, but life got in the way. (I slept through a good chunk of New Year's Day.  Don't ask.)   And as it is, I haven’t really done anything that exciting, running-wise so far this year. 

But I have to begin somewhere.  So here is my blog - it officially exists!

Actually wait, wait.  I did do a cool running-related activity last weekend . . . I ran a neat trail race at Watchung Reservation with the awesome folks at NJ Trails, but gosh, that was so last Saturday and it just doesn't seem to fair to write about it now.  I am going to make a rule (that I will probably break) that I will not write about anything that happened more than a week ago.  That will either (a) force me to write more or (b) inspire me to do lots of cool things so I always have something to write about.  Either way, I win. 

This blog is still very much a nascent idea, so I have no idea what direction it will take.  But there will be stats.  And pictures.  Oh, and lots and lots of running.  Speaking of stats . . . 

Today’s Stats:
Miles ran: 5Kish
Where: Around my neighborhood.
What I wore: North Face fleece, long thermal undershirt (it's my favorite thermal that I have been wearing since high school, it's so ridiculously soft), Nike running tights, Icebreaker socks, turtle fur scarf, gloves 
Sneakers: Super muddy Brooks Ghost 5.  I should probably clean them.
How I felt: Cold.  Oh, and my knees are still purple and feeling weird from the tumble I took on Saturday because my Microspikes got caught in some brush.  
What I thought about while running: How I need to run more.
Notes: Kept my run short because I have some solid long runs to do this weekend.

So here is my first ever public blog post.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Anyone planning on running these races?  I sure could use some company!

I'm off to have an adventure, folks! Wish me luck!


  1. Very excited about your new blog, and looking forward to following along on your amazing adventure! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Laura! At some point, I have to set up a blogroll and add my fave running blogs - yours will obviously be there :)

  2. Great start to your blog! I look forward to following your Grand Slam progress. You've gone a long way from your first ultra at NYC 60K (Knickerbocker 60K back then) to now.

    I'll add your blog to my blog roll now.


    1. Oh gosh, the Knickerbocker 60K feels like a million years ago! And you've come a long way, too! :)

      Thanks for the add!

  3. Congrats on your new blog, Jackie! Looking forward to reading (and hopefully running with you) more!

    1. Thanks so much! We will definitely run together soon - I need all the training partners I can get :)

  4. One of your tags... er, labels, should be JOY! :) Joyous, stupendous, delightful luck to you ~ godspeed and God Bless your endeavor!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Kathy! Will add your blog as soon as I figure out how to add the blog roll widget :)